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    Guan Zenso Precise Machinery Co , Ltd

    Guan Zenso Precise Machinery Co , Ltd   devotes itself to producing and processing parts and components, innovating products, and providing a series of service from designing to machining for customers in different fields. After renovation and improvement for many years, Zenso “NUT” series products have been widely used in mining, petrochemical industries and adopted by power plants, steel and iron works, pressure equipment plants, heat processing plants, lifting equipment factories, diesel engine plants and gasoline engine plants, etc., providing necessary protection for industrial production.

    Thank you very much for choosing Zenso products. Zenso will provide reliable quality, shorter assembling time, longer working life, more secure operating procedure and more efficient maintenance service.

    Our products and service: precision machine parts, NUT brand precision nuts, lock nuts, hydraulic nuts,hydraulic bolt tensioners, location clamp, seal nuts, linear guideway lock block, and OEM service, etc.

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